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Updated (June 2) LTC Commission letter templates for you to send to your MPPs

June 2, 2021

Here are updated MPP letter templates for individual members to send re LTC — with specific questions re timelines.

Note:  make no reference to CFUW.  Encourage all to send to your MPP – keep LTC issues on the politicial agenda.   

You may read the sample letter below but click on each highlighted name for a  downloadable version addressed to either MPP Crawford or to MPP Triantafilopoulos  

Use the current date and change to your own signature. Ensure your address and postal code are included.



June 2, 2021   update here

Mr. Stephen Crawford, MPP     or your MPP

Dear Mr. Stephen Crawford

Ontario’s LTC Covid-19 Commission Report

Mr. Crawford you are in a unique position.  You can address long standing issues in long term care as a MPP and as a voting stockholder in a large long term care provider.  I call on you to utilize your position to make improvements.

I would like to know when the following LTC Covid-19 Commission Report recommendations will be implemented.

Update provincial emergency management program

Reinstate comprehensive inspections and enforcement

Retain staff with adequate wages, benefits, paid sick days, training and professional development across

Provide funding to ensure LTC and community care staff have the same pay grid as acute care

Speed up funding for adequate staffing to address the complex needs of LTC residents

Update pandemic preparation

Ensure comprehensive Covid and influenza testing for staff, residents and visitors

Ensure compliance to current LTC building design

Develop resident-focused care such as the butterfly model

Ontario families and elderly residents do not consider the lack of preparation and emergency management as “cutting the waste”.

Building more beds without trained staff and compassionate care equals


Yours truly

Your name address and postal code

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