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Letter to MPPs re Post-Pandemic Recovery: Maintaining a Strong Workforce and Stable Families in Ontario

We must persist!  We all urgently need the Ford government’s action re (1) LTC / Commissioners Recommendations AND  (2) The increasing inequities for vulnerable in communities during the pandemic.  Use the two MPP letter templates provided.  It will take only a few minutes. Thanks ++ for your action.

Click here to download a copy of this letter that you may edit and send to your MP.

MPP Mr. Stephen Crawford  delete whichever MPP is not applicable

MPP Ms. Effie Triantafilopoulos

RE:  Post-Pandemic Recovery:  Maintaining a Strong Workforce and Stable Families in Ontario

Economic recovery hinges on a healthy, safe workforce. I applaud the current strategy to prioritize COVID vaccine to vulnerable populations.  The reduction of outbreaks and economic recovery depend significantly on expeditious vaccine distribution to essential workers as the vaccine becomes available.  The two-week limit for hot spot vaccine prioritization should be based on evidence.

Women have experienced disproportionately negative economic and health impacts from the pandemic.  Affordable, quality child care is necessary for women to contribute to the workforce and the economic recovery. With online schooling and supporting children’s mental health and safety, mothers have been key in maintaining optimal stability in families.  Women are pivotal in the recovery of children and families.

To reduce health, economic and social inequities, I am urgently asking the Ontario government to:

  • Closely monitor and enhance vaccine availability in the hardest-hit communities
  • Prioritize vaccine for vulnerable, essential workers
  • Access to affordable, quality child care for families to rebuild the economy equitably
  • Enhance and increase accessibility to paid sick days to stop the spread of virus

I appreciate your consideration of these actions to reduce the growing economic, health and social inequities from the pandemic.  These proactive actions are critical to prevent further outbreaks, continued demise of the economy and negative impacts on health and well-being of Ontarians.



Name include address and postal code – postal code gives credibility for the MPP

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