Collaborative Aging with Sue Lantz

April 19, 2023 @ 7:30 pm

Join fellow members and guests to hear Sue Lantz, founder of the Collaborative Aging Approach. Sue ’ s entertaining and thought provoking presentation will help you envision your preferred aging scenario and point the way towards making the best choices and plans for healthy and empowered aging your way.

Please invite those friends and family who will be with you as you age to join us on Zoom. This talk is relevant to all and will spark important conversations that will impact your future happiness. The presentation will touch upon all aspects of healthy living including housing, social networks, health, community resources, and family relationships.

visit Sue ’ s website to see why we are excited to bring this opportunity to our members and their guests. If you would like a copy of the guidebook prior to the event, let us know as Sue has offered a special price of $22.00 per book and we will make arrangements to bring them to Oakville for a convenient pick up. If you have questions, please contact either of us. Janice May or Alison Gemmell April 2023 page 2 of 22 In Touch Vol. 41, Issue 7


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