Aug 30

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CFUW Oakville President’s message – “Seize the moment”

For almost 70 years, CFUW Oakville has provided a welcoming community for women of all ages in search of a place to share their talents, pursue their interests and improve prospects for women and children.  Collectively, CFUW Oakville has been working to improve the status of women and to promote human rights, public education, social justice and peace.  Each year, CFUW clubs across Canada award close to one million dollars to women to help them pursue post secondary studies.


For many of us, a “change of life circumstance” has triggered joining our Club; be it working from home, retirement, self-employment, a need to network, or any other circumstance, in CFUW you will find a generous, wise community of passionate women to call home.


Throughout our calendar year, CFUW provides opportunities to extend your understanding of the world.  Our guest speaker program will explore topics such as: mental health, First Nation issues, theatre, journalism, Canadian history, community board participation, gardening and music.  For more information regarding our speaker program “CLICK HERE”.


In addition, our 35+ interest groups provide a range of opportunities to explore books, movies, emerging technology, spirituality etc.  Some of our members support local young women in their pursuit of higher education through our scholarship programme, while others study public policy issues and advocate to improve the lives of women and children, including protecting the environment.  For more information regarding our interest groups, “CLICK HERE”.


My choice for this year’s theme is “Seize the moment”.  There are times throughout the last number of months, including the disturbing occurrences in Toronto on Yonge Street and Danforth Avenue, the political discord all around us etc., that have left us all feeling uneasy and fearful.  At the same time, we all know people in our families and circles of friends and acquaintances who are struggling.  For me, having the support and fellowship of the women I have met through my membership in CFUW Oakville has grounded me and given me an outlet and place to go to discuss intelligently, the issues of the day, and to draw on others life experiences.  In looking for meaning with all of this, I came upon this quote from Mahatma Gandhi, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow; learn as if you will live forever”.  For me, this encapsulates the experience of belonging to an organization like CFUW.  Our many interest groups give us opportunities to experience new things, to learn and to grow.  The ongoing fellowship we receive with bright, experienced and talented women has a value that can’t be measured as we “seize the moment”.


Joyce See,

President, CFUW Oakville 2018-19

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