Aug 03

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The Power of Women Working Together – Worth Quoting …

Dr. Ann Hall, Professor Emeritus, University of Alberta, described CFUW as “one of Canada’s pre-eminent women’s organizations.” She added: “With the increased challenge of these economic times, an independent member-funded, non-partisan organization of thoughtful, engaged, educated women such as we have in our over 100 Clubs, can have a real impact. This is an organization that recognizes the power of a group of dedicated women working together to help build a better future for the girls, women and communities of the world.”


Susan Murphy, former president of CFUW, compared the power of advocacy to the power of possibility – changing the current picture with one that is more positive. She added: “CFUW has been working with the power of possibility for over 90 years! A Globe & Mail article pointed out that associations don’t exist to make money or provide revenue to shareholders. They exist only to advance their cause and serve the community and the needs of Canadians. Associations bring people together, strengthen connections, make individuals part of a larger community and provide easy ways for them to get involved. And that is CFUW!”


Source: 2012 CFUW Annual General Meeting – Victoria, B.C.

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