May 25

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Outgoing CFUW Oakville President Linda Love celebrates the year’s successes

The commitment and energy of our Club members and our Board made this a very successful year. Key to our successes were ensuring that our members had opportunities for learning; that our Club continued to grow and build our capacity; and that CFUW Oakville was recognized for influencing policy decisions that affect women and children both locally and nationally.

Our Community

Our Club of 240+ members enjoy learning, developing supportive friendships, having fun together, and most importantly, making a difference in the lives of women and children living in our communities. Our commitment to community is confirmed by this year’s membership survey which found that three in four CFUW Oakville members volunteer their energies to a wide range of charitable and not-for-profit organizations. In addition to supporting our Club, several of our members serve at the CFUW provincial and national organizational levels.

Our Mission

Our members work to influence a number of social, environmental and economic issues. As hosts and sponsors of an intimate evening of conversation and music with Susan Aglukark, we raised awareness of the Inuit people’s history as well as their current challenges. We donated money to Food4Kids at our Holiday dinner and contributed to Sleeping Children Around the World in response to Dave Dryden’s talk on this family-supported charity. On Friday February 3rd, members of our Club joined with the broader Oakville Community at the Circle of Peace gathering at the Al Falah Mosque in support and concern for our Muslim neighbours.

For full annual report – click on “About CFUW Oakville” tab and find the dropdown menu item labelled “CFUW Oakville Club Annual Report” 2016-2017 prepared by Ginny Boelhower.

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