Aug 14

2015-2016 CFUW Oakville General Meeting Speakers – Terrific Line-up!

The CFUW Oakville Program Committee, led by Marg MacLure and Phyllis Kingsley, has once again organized a great year of speakers. Details on meeting location and times can be found in three different areas on

These are the great topics and presenters that members can look forward to in the coming year:


September 21, 2015
Doug Purdon, Artist
“The Art World Today”

October 19, 2015
Ken Weber, Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto
“Is Canada Boring?

November 16, 2015
Kim Bernhardt, Lawyer
“160 Girls in Kenya – Making Legal History”

December 7, 2015
Tempus Then and Now Singers
Songs of the Season

January 18, 2016
Kirsten Madsen, Professor, Sheridan College
“Talking Back Project: Reflections & Insights”

February 22, 2016
Steve Buist, Investigative reporter and creator of Code Red Series
“CODE RED – Health, Wealth & Social Determinants: The Lessons Learned from Canada’s Steeltown”

March 21, 2016
Carolyn Harris, Professor, University of Toronto
“Canada and the Monarchy”

April 18, 2016
Frances Frommer, Author
“Surviving and Thriving Solo: Options When You Live Alone”

May 9, 2016
Annual Meeting
Cathy Buchanan, Author
“The Story Behind The Painted Girls”



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Aug 13

Online membership forms available


The online membership application forms are available on the membership documents page



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Aug 07

Welcome Message from CFUW Oakville President Lise Moras

Lise Moras photoI wish to warmly welcome all new and returning members of our club as we join together to enrich not only our own lives, but also the lives of girls and women in our community, across Canada, and around the world.

The theme that I have chosen for this year is Sixty-five Years: Appreciating the Past, Embracing the Future. My hope for this 65th anniversary year is that we reflect upon, honour, and appreciate our club’s roots that reach back to 1949 and then build upon this strong foundation to create a vibrant future for our club.

Even though CFUW Oakville is one of the largest clubs in CFUW, we need to continue to look for ways to invite and welcome new members into our club and reach out to our community. One of the themes stressed by the incoming CFUW President, Doris Mae Oulton, at the AGM in Kitchener-Waterloo this year, was that our clubs need to learn “to roar, to blow our own trumpets, to tell our stories”. We need to celebrate what a great organization CFUW is and share that with the wider community.

This is embraced in the new theme for CFUW, the Power of Women Working Together. CFUW is one of the few self-funded organizations in Canada that advocates for “equality, social justice, fellowship and life-long learning for women and girls”. With over 100 clubs and approximately 9000 members, CFUW provides close to $1million a year in scholarships for young women to pursue their education. To celebrate CFUW’s 100th anniversary in 2019, plans are underway for a 100th Anniversary Project to be highlighted by additional scholarships

CFUW Oakville is proud of the leadership of our members! Currently serving at the national level are: Teri Shaw, Vice-President, Advocacy; Myra Willis, Chair, Articles and By Laws Committee; and Cheryl Hayles, Vice-President, International Relations (formerly our Regional Director for Ontario South.) Serving on Ontario Council are Marlene Bristol, Treasurer (assuming the position from Helen Sami) and Sandy Thomson, Regional Director for Ontario Huron.

As a member of IFUW, we are part of a world-wide organization that illustrates what the power of women working together can achieve through advocacy, scholarships and special projects. “IFUW advocates for women’s rights, equality and empowerment through access to quality secondary and tertiary education, and training up to the highest levels.” IFUW’s vision is for “100% of girls and women in the world achieving education beyond primary school.”

At CFUW Oakville, our program committee has worked diligently to book a series of engaging speakers for the upcoming year. Members not only have the opportunity to listen to interesting speakers at the General Meetings and special dinners, but also to belong to many of the varied interest groups convened by our enthusiastic and energetic members. In these groups, members enjoy making new friends and renewing old friendships while pursuing special interests such as psychology and spirituality, bridge, book clubs, hiking, golf, mindfulness, issues, movies, and gourmet. I strongly encourage everyone, but especially new members, to join as many of these groups as time will permit.

Advocacy is an important part of CFUW and our issues group has been very active in researching and preparing resolutions to be presented and voted upon at the AGM for adoption as official CFUW policy. These grassroots resolutions play an important part in CFUW’s role in advocating for women’s rights both in Canada and at the United Nations. Please consider becoming a part of this very effective group In addition, our club feels very strongly about supporting education for women and is proud to provide scholarships to deserving women and girls in our community.

It is my hope that the generous support of our members to the Scholarship Fund will continue, so that we can help more young women to attain a post-secondary education. There are so many ways for you to become involved in our club. So, please join in the fun, enjoy the opportunity to continue learning, welcome new members, advocate for important issues, and contribute to the scholarship trust. I look forward to seeing you at our September General Meeting, where you can enjoy refreshments, renew and make new friendships, sign up for interest groups, and listen to our excellent guest speaker, Michael Enright.

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Aug 07

CFUW National Elects Winnipeg Woman Doris Mae Oulton as New President

Ottawa – June 24, 2014 – At its annual general meeting and conference, CFUW  National elected Doris Mae Oulton from Winnipeg as its new President for 2014-2016. Doris Mae has been a member of the University Women’s Club of Winnipeg since 1984, and was its President from 1990-1992. She has been CFUW Vice President of the Prairies, Regional Director for Manitoba and Vice President Communications and Governance on the National Board.

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Jun 07

2014 CFUW National AGM in Waterloo – Highlights of the Conference



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Jun 04

Dragonboat Fundraising for Scholarship Fund

[important]Donate now – ONLINE – using your credit card. Paypal is safe to use with your credit card.


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May 21

CFUW Executive 2014-15 elected at AGM

CFUW Oakville Executive

President Lise Moras
Vice President Open
Secretary Margaret Thomas
Treasurer Ann Harvey Hope
Past President Becky Pogany
Honorary President Karen Oliver
Awards Rosemary Shea
Education Lise Sims
Hospitality Reet Kazakoff
Anne Douglas
Interest Kathy Cleemput
Membership Moira Plexman
Directory Rena Hill
Programme Deborah Rossiter
Gail Cote
Gloria Tomlinson/Social
     Editor Ginny Boelhower
     Advertising and Distribution Donna McCarthy
Publicity Marie O’Sullivan
Resolutions Gail Volterra
Status of Women Kim Schols

Club Appointments

IFUW/CFUW Liaison Becky Pogany
Advancement Women Halton Anne Douglas
Webmaster Louise Brownlee
Archivist Mary Wilson-Smith

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Apr 22

Nomination and Voting for the Regional Director positions, CFUW Ontario South and Ontario West

 1.     Nominations for Regional Director by February 1, 2014 Deadline – As of February 1, 2014, no nominations had been received for the position of Regional Director, CFUW Ontario South or Regional Director, Ontario West.
 2.     Nominations for Regional Director Received After February 1, 2014 – 

A.    Ontario South – Deborah Harasym has been nominated by CFUW Burlington for the position of Regional Director, CFUW Ontario South.

B.    Ontario West – no nominations have been received after February 1 for the position of Regional Director, CFUW Ontario West.

 3.     CFUW Policy Regarding Nominations for Regional Director Received After February 1 –  CFUW Clubs may nominate another candidate for the position of RD in their Region.  A nomination from the floor at the CFUW Annual General Meeting in Kitchener/Waterloo is in order:

·       if the nomination meets the requirements of CFUW Bylaws and the Canada Not-For-Profit Corporations Act; and

·       if the nominee is eligible for that office, has been nominated by an eligible club, and the nomination form (attached) has been completed for submission at that time.

4.     Any Questions – If you have any questions, please contact Robin Jackson, ED, CFUW

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Mar 09

CFUW Advocacy Blog – International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day (IWD), taking place on Saturday, March 8th, 2014, is an extremely significant event to women and feminists globally. It is a reminder to the world to pause to celebrate women and consider how further progress can be had for females around the world.

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Jan 26

Downtown Plan

Welcome to downtown Oakville!

Downtown Oakville is a thriving, vibrant, cultural, commercial and residential area and the Town of Oakville wants to ensure it remains that way — a downtown that inspires us to believe, connects us to people and places, and protects the past while providing for the future.

Downtown Plan open house and workshop on January 30, 2014

January 30, 2014,
7 p.m.
Town Hall, 
1225 Trafalgar Road

You’re invited to join us as we bring you up-to-date on one of the most creative, inclusive and compelling projects. The town has been working with stakeholders from the arts and cultural community, Halton Region, local businesses, residents’ associations, town staff, and heritage and accessibility committees to better understand their needs and wants as we continue to work on the Downtown Cultural Hub Study and the Downtown Transportation and Streetscape Study.

Join us to find out more and share your ideas with us!

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