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CFUW member women rally around issues of national, provincial and local importance and demonstrate the potential impact for communities across the country.  Our network of volunteers works to identify issues, share knowledge with members and supporters and advocate on behalf of the CFUW’s vision and mission.  Resolutions that are national or international in scope are approved at the AGM by the membership following the resolutions process become CFUW policy.  Adopted resolutions form the framework for action and advocacy.

Adopted Resolutions for 2014




Proposed by: CFUW Burlington

RESOLVED, That CFUW urge the federal, provincial and territorial governments to create additional CPP/QPP policies compensating those whose pension contributions

are reduced because of withdrawal from the workforce for child rearing and/or care giving of the elderly, seriously ill or family members with disabilities.


Proposed by: CFUW International Relations Committee

RESOLVED; That the Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) urge the Government of Canada to continue strengthening policies and programs that further support a culture of peace by:

1. Including non-violent conflict prevention, conflict resolution, peace negotiations and reconstruction with full and equal participation of women; and

2. Respecting Canada’s international commitments to human rights instruments, gender equality and social justice by assisting people to cope resiliently with cultural, political, environmental and other social transformations.

RESOLVED; That CFUW urge the Government of Canada to give specific support for a culture of peace by including, but not limited to:

  1. Signing the UN Arms Trade Treaty
  2. Monitoring the global small arms trade
  3. Ensuring humanitarian needs take precedence over political and economicobjectives; and
  4. Re-instating a program of peace and security training in the tradition of thePearson Peacekeeping Centre for military, police and civilians.


Preservation of Democracy: Increasing Voter Turnout Proposed by: CFUW Southport

RESOLVED, That the Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) and its member Clubs initiate, engage in and promote activities and programs to educate all Canadians about the importance of participating in our democratic system of government and to exercise our right and our responsibility to vote in all elections.


RESOLUTION 4 Promoting Plain Language Proposed by: CFUW Saugeen

RESOLVED, That Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) urge all levels of government in Canada to implement existing policy and sustain programs that advocate the use of Plain Language; and

RESOLVED, That CFUW urge all levels of government in Canada to apply their Plain Language policies in:

  1. Public information released by government departments and agencies
  2. Legal documents, business and consumer contracts for the general public
  3. Medical reports intended for patients
  4. Education-related communication intended for parents, guardians and students
  5. Labeling of food and health products for consumers



Preservation of Canada’s Documentary and Scientific Heritage

Proposed by: CFUW Nelson

RESOLVED, That the Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) urge the Government of Canada to restore and maintain Canada’s documentary heritage and make it available to Canadians; and take action to:

Re-instate, restore and preserve the collections of the Public Library and Archives Canada (LAC), and of research documents and collections at federal government-

supported research and scientific institutes and departmental libraries; and

Ensure adequate funding for their maintenance



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