Aug 30

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CFUW Oakville President’s Welcome Message – “Nevertheless, she persists”

Please come and visit us at one of our general meetings.  You will be more than welcome!
For almost 70 years CFUW Oakville has provided a welcoming community for women of all ages in search of a place to share their talents, pursue their interests and improve the prospects for women and children.  
For many of us a ‘change in life circumstances’ triggered joining our Club.  These life changes include: 
  • from working woman to an at-home mom; 
  • from a working professional to out-sourced job seeker looking to build your network or leadership skills; 
  • from corporate hired-help to a self-employed entrepreneur; 
  • from a busy Mom to an empty nester; 
  • from working professional to a retiree looking for community involvement
  • from graduation to starting your career
Whatever your circumstances, you will find a generous, wise community of compassionate women to call home. 
Throughout our calendar year, CFUW Oakville provides opportunities to extend your understanding of the world. Our guest speaker program will explore topics such as:  indigenous issues, Islamic art, women in the trades, and many other topics.  
In addition, our 35+ interest groups provide a wide range of opportunities to explore books, movies, new technology, spirituality, etc.  Some of our members support local young women in their pursuit of higher education through our scholarship program. Others study public policy issues and advocate to improve the lives of women and children, including protecting the environment. 
My choice for this year’s theme is: “Nevertheless, she persists.” I believe that these three words speak to both our public and private lives.  As women, we are no stranger to persevering in our personal lives as we meet the challenges of career, family and the vagaries of life. It takes persistence to overcome the status quo and make changes required to better our world. 
“Nevertheless (despite warnings, explanations or hardship) she persists” is our way to honour all the women in our lives who have overcome great odds through sheer grit. To celebrate you and how you persevere in your life.  We will persist to work for the betterment of women, children and the environment ALWAYS.  
Ginny Boelhower
President, CFUW Oakville

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