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President Lise Moras president@cfuwoakville.ca
Vice President Open
Secretary Margaret Thomas info@cfuwoakville.ca
Treasurer and Finance Chair Ann Harvey Hope
Past President and Nominations Becky Pogany
Honorary President Karen Oliver

Standing Committee Chairs

Awards Co-Chairs –
Rosemary Shea & Laurie Nordin-MacLeod
Education Lyndsey Thom
Hospitality Reet Kazakoff
Anne Douglas
Interest Groups, Welcoming Kathy Cleemput interestgroups@cfuwoakville.ca
Membership Moira Plexman membership@cfuwoakville.ca
     Editor Ginny Boelhower editor@cfuwoakville.ca
     Distribution& Advertising Donna McCarthy
Programme Deborah Rossiter
Gail Cote
Publicity Marie O’Sullivan publicity@cfuwoakville.ca
Resolutions Gail Volterra
Status of Women Kim Schols

Club Appointments

Advancement of Women Halton Anne Douglas and Teri Shaw
IFUW / CFUW Liaison Becky Pogany
Web Manager Louise Brownlee webmaster@cfuwoakville.ca
Archivist Mary Wilson-Smith
Dinner Organizers Gloria Tomlinson and Gail O’Reilly


Scholarship Fund Chair Susan Walkinshaw scholarship@cfuwoakville.ca

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